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Czech Foreign Minister warns: Russian tanks won't halt in Ukraine if victorious

Czech Foreign Minister warns: Russian tanks won't halt in Ukraine if victorious Photo: Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic Jan Lipavský (Getty Images)

Russia is one of the main threats to Europe. Moscow will not stop in Ukraine if victorious in the war, according to Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský.

During his visit to Budapest in the presence of Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó, the Czech Foreign Minister made a relevant statement.

"I think it is a well-known fact that the Czech Republic sees Russian imperialism as the greatest threat and risk to Europe. The Czech Republic will support Ukraine as long as it is necessary. It is in Europe's interest that Ukraine defends itself, defends itself against Russian aggression and reclaims all its territory," he said.

According to Lipavský, no one is doing more for Europe's security right now than Ukrainians.

"It is naive to think that if Russia wins in Ukraine, its tanks will stop at our borders," the minister noted.

He also added that after World War II, Moscow included Central Europe in its sphere of influence. According to the Foreign Minister, one of the West's, the European Union's, and NATO's most important tasks is to prevent Moscow from attempting to "kidnap" Europe again.

Czech Republic's position on the war

It's worth noting that the Czech Republic is one of Ukraine's main partners. The country has supported EU sanctions against Russia, provided military, financial, and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine, and accepted thousands of refugees.

Recently, the Czech Republic initiated the purchase of artillery shells for Ukraine. Many countries have already joined this initiative.

Additionally, the Czech Republic condemns Russian aggression in Ukraine. The country's authorities have repeatedly referred to Moscow as a direct threat to Europe.