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Cuba, Nepal, Africa: Ukraine exposes foreign mercenaries fighting for Russia

Cuba, Nepal, Africa: Ukraine exposes foreign mercenaries fighting for Russia Russian mercenaries from foreign countries (Screenshot from video)
Author: Daria Shekina

The Russian mobilization resource is depleting, so the aggressor country is increasingly recruiting foreigners for the war against Ukraine. In Ukrainian captivity, there are representatives from Cuba, Nepal, African countries, and Latin America, according to a statement from a representative of the Coordinating Headquarters for the Treatment of Prisoners of War Petro Yatsenko.

According to Yatsenko, after significant losses, fewer and fewer Russians are willing to serve under contract, including among the prisoners. Therefore, Russia has intensified recruitment among foreigners from low-income countries.

At the Media Center Ukraine, a briefing was held with the participation of captured mercenaries who shared their stories of how they ended up on the front lines.

"They were thrown in like cannon fodder because they weren't trained. Some of them were deceived, meaning they were promised one thing, but in reality, it turned out to be completely different," Yatsenko said.

He noted that these individuals could be prosecuted in Ukraine for mercenary activities because it is illegal. However, there have been no such trials yet, so foreigners remain in custody as prisoners of war. At the same time, Russia does not want to include these citizens in exchange lists because they are not needed.

Representatives of the coordination headquarters have called on the governments of foreign countries to take more effective measures "to prevent their citizens from being deceived by Russian recruiters, to preserve their health, and to prevent their deaths."

Earlier, Reuters reported that India had appealed to Russia for the early release of some of its citizens working in the Russian army in "support jobs."

India's Ministry of External Affairs made the statement after a local newspaper reported that last year, around 100 Indians were hired on contracts for at least one year.

On March 1, the National Resistance Center reported that locals in the temporarily occupied territory observed the arrival of more Kremlin mercenaries. Specifically, invaders were bringing in fighters from Cuba and Nepal.