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Creepy series to binge-watch now

Creepy series to binge-watch now Series with an interesting plot (Collage: RBC-Ukraine)

Sometimes searching for series takes a lot of time and doesn't yield results. But what should those who want to watch something with a thrilling plot and interesting characters do? Fortunately, there are series that you might have missed.

RBC-Ukraine offers 5 intriguing series with a thrilling plot that will keep you awake.

"American Horror Story"

The series by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk has already received 12 seasons, each of which is a separate story. The thrilling plot will impress both thriller enthusiasts and detective fans.

"Penny Dreadful"

The series starring Eva Green has received 3 seasons. You'll be able to see Victorian London, where the fates of Dorian Gray, Dracula, Frankenstein, and many other characters intertwine.

"Black Mirror"

And this series, which almost everyone has heard of, scares not with ghosts or monsters. In it, you'll see stories from the future that may await us. With 6 seasons and numerous thrilling plotlines, you definitely won't be able to sleep until you've watched it all.


The dark fantasy series has already received six seasons. You'll see a plot partially based on the tales of the Brothers Grimm. The adaptation of the stories turned out to be thrillingly adult.

"True Blood"

The American series about vampires will impress you with its unconventional story, scary scenes, and dark humor. The plot spans seven seasons, so "True Blood" will appeal to those who love multi-episode horrors.

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