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Court in Poland sends Russian Intelligence agent to prison: Details

Court in Poland sends Russian Intelligence agent to prison: Details Archive photo: a court in Poland sent a Russian intelligence agent to prison (Getty Images)

An agent of Russian military intelligence in Poland has been sentenced to prison. He was spying on the military and passing this information to Russia, according to the page of the District Prosecutor's Office in Gdansk.

Details of the case

The Russian citizen had been living in Poland for many years and was involved in business. Additionally, he was engaged in historical reconstruction activities. There, he became acquainted with Polish Army servicemen, whom he later used in his activities in favor of Russian intelligence.

The espionage activities of the accused were focused on military units located in the northeastern part of Poland, within which he carried out tasks to identify important elements of the Polish Army.

The spy collected information about the locations of individual military units, their organizational and staffing structure, actual employment status, command structure, soldiers' remuneration, as well as information about the armament of specific units. The man then passed the obtained information to Russian intelligence.

He was sent to prison

Law enforcement also uncovered a series of corruption crimes committed by the accused. The evidence collected also led to charges of corruption offenses related to customs clearance being brought against three Polish citizens.

The court sentenced the Russian citizen to 2 years and 6 months in prison for espionage and corruption crimes.

Russian spies abroad

Russia engages in espionage in Western countries, especially those that assist Ukraine. However, the intelligence services of these countries manage to expose Kremlin spies.

In March, the Financial Times reported that Russia is actively resuming its espionage war with the West. The publication of German officers' negotiations regarding the dispatch of cruise missiles to Ukraine is just one of the latest examples.

Recently, the Supreme Council of National Defense of Romania announced that a network of Russian spies had attempted to gather information about military exercises and assistance to Ukraine in the country.