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Cold War situation is back due to Russia's imperial ambitions - Duda

Cold War situation is back due to Russia's imperial ambitions - Duda Polish President Andrzej Duda (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

Polish President Andrzej Duda has declared that the Cold War is making a return, citing Politico.

"We have to be honest and tell ourselves that the Cold War situation is back and it’s not due to the actions of the United States, it is because of the revival of Russian imperial ambitions," he said.

Duda emphasized that there is a significant security deficit in Europe. He asserted that NATO must send the world a "a message of the unity of NATO — this has to be very clear. And the second message that is important to send is that NATO is strong, and that NATO sees a threat emanating from Russia."

Poland, along with many other Central and Eastern European countries, has long warned about the threat Russia poses to Europe, and while they did not welcome the war in Ukraine, the leaders of the region are somewhat relieved that the West has finally acknowledged these warnings.

"The West did not react in the appropriate way," Duda said, arguing that sanctions and harsh statements were not enough to deter Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

"Russia has been strengthening and building up its military presence in Kaliningrad (the Russian exclave between Poland and Lithuania - ed.), and today this is the most heavily militarized piece of land in the world. Russia is [also] openly speaking about deploying nuclear arms to Belarus, movements that represent a new threat against NATO, so NATO’s response today has to be adequate to the level of this threat," the Polish President said.

NATO summit

The anniversary NATO summit has begun in Washington, and it will conclude on July 11.

During the opening of the summit, US President Joe Biden announced the transfer of an additional Patriot system to Ukraine, as well as other supplies from partners to significantly bolster air defense.