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Coffee with milk and myths about it: Coach's comment

Coffee with milk and myths about it: Coach's comment Illustrative photo (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

Many people love coffee with milk, but those who take care of their health are curious whether it is beneficial or not, citing a trainer from Lviv, Viktor Mandziak.

Can you drink coffee with milk?

The expert explained that milk contains lactose, a milk sugar that does not affect the beneficial properties of coffee and does not hinder the absorption of various substances in the beverage you drink.

Viktor commented on the statement of one so-called expert, who claimed that adding milk to coffee causes it to lose its properties. According to the trainer, this is complete nonsense. He compared it to eating soup with many vegetables, where all of them retain their nutrients and do not affect each other.

"There are no nutrients in milk that would prevent the absorption of caffeine from coffee. This is pure fantasy," he said.

The expert clarified that if you like to drink coffee with milk, go ahead, but watch the quantity. It’s best not to consume more than four cups of coffee throughout the day.

He also advises avoiding caffeine intake later than six hours before sleep.

Benefits of coffee

Coffee is rich in antioxidants. Moreover, scientists say that it is essential to obtain these substances from natural products, like coffee. Recently, a sensational discovery was made: regular coffee consumption can prevent the development of Alzheimer's disease.

The positive impact of coffee on brain function has been known for a long time. Caffeine helps people engaged in intellectual work. It stimulates brain cells, increases alertness, and positively affects focused thinking.

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