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How to avoid overeating and getting fat: Expert's advice

How to avoid overeating and getting fat: Expert's advice Illustrative photo (Freepik)
Author: Maria Kholina

Many of us often overeat and then gain weight. Below is a lifehack on how to break this habit, according to coach Viktor Mandziak.

Life hack to avoid overeating

The expert explained that thirst indicates the body lacks moisture, while hunger demands calories, but often we confuse these two sensations.

"It's like they're different things. But, like fear, without understanding the cause of these sensations and their context, you can confuse them. Both are unpleasant feelings, both require stuffing something into your mouth. And that's when certain problems with your body weight may arise," the coach said.

The point is that food contains water, sometimes a lot of water, like in vegetables or fruits.

"And if you grabbed sausage or bread when thirst arose, you felt better because with calories you also got water. If you went for yogurt, juice, tarragon, borscht, or an apple when you were thirsty, then you got rid of thirst even more easily because this food consists of about 90% water," Viktor notes.

According to the expert, it is necessary to break this destructive habit of overeating. He advises that when you feel like eating something, pour a glass of water and take a sip.

"If the water tastes good and you want to continue drinking - that's thirst, keep drinking. But if the water doesn't taste good and you don't feel like drinking it - you're hungry, go eat something, or wait until lunch," summarized Mandziak.

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