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China views 'elimination' of Taiwan as national mission - Taiwan’s President

China views 'elimination' of Taiwan as national mission - Taiwan’s President Photo: China considers the liquidation of Taiwan a national cause (Getty Images)

Taiwan's President Lai Ching-te reports that China considers the annexation and "elimination" of Taiwan as a major national endeavor, according to Reuters.

"The biggest challenge is to face the powerful rise of China, (which is) destroying the status quo in the Taiwan Strait and regards Taiwan's annexation and the elimination of the Republic of China as the great rejuvenating cause of its people," he said.

During an event at a military academy where Lai Ching-te spoke, he added that the cadets must defend Taiwan from China's annexation and that the future of the island can only be determined by its people.

"We really must be able to distinguish between ourselves and our enemies and between friend and foe, and absolutely cannot accept the defeatism of 'the first battle is the last battle,'" Lai added.

Taiwan-China relations

Taiwan is deepening economic integration with other democratic countries and is working with partners, including the United States, to deter Chinese President Xi Jinping from ordering an invasion of the island.