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China attacked Philippine vessels with water cannons, U.S. responded

China attacked Philippine vessels with water cannons, U.S. responded The Chinese Coast Guard attacked Philippine vessels with water cannons (photo: Wikimedia)

Chinese coast guard ships attacked Filipino vessels near Scarborough Shoal using water cannons. The United States condemned the aggressive actions of China, according to AP.

Filipino fishing bureau ships had reportedly approached Scarborough Shoal to deliver humanitarian aid, primarily fuel and food, to impoverished fishermen.

Filipino officials stated that the Chinese coast guard and accompanying ships engaged in dangerous and aggressive actions. They used water cannons at least eight times whenever Philippine government vessels approached Scarborough Shoal.

The officials added that the Chinese coast guard set up a floating barrier near the entrance to the Scarborough Shoal's fishing lagoon and deployed personnel aboard small motorized boats to deter Filipino fishermen awaiting humanitarian aid.

"To prevent the distribution of humanitarian support is not only illegal but also inhumane," said the official statement from the Philippines.

The U.S. response

The United States has warned China that Washington will defend the Philippines if their troops, planes, or ships come under armed attack, particularly in the South China Sea.

In October, a Chinese coast guard ship collided with a Philippine resupply boat. Two hours later, a Chinese maritime police vessel encountered a Philippine coast guard ship during the same resupply operation in the South China Sea.

At that time, the Philippines accused Beijing of encroaching into their waters. U.S. President Joe Biden stated that the United States would be forced to intervene if China attacked Philippine vessels.

On December 9, the U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines, Mary Kay Carlson, condemned China's aggressive and unlawful actions.

"This (Chinese) behavior violates international law and endangers lives and livelihood. We stand with our Philippine friends, partners, allies in support of a free and open Indo-Pacific," she stated.