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'Cat is a living being': Ukrainian soldier gets animal out of booby trap

'Cat is a living being': Ukrainian soldier gets animal out of booby trap Ukrainian soldier gets cat out of booby trap (

The Ukrainian Armed Forces sapper Anatolii, risking his own life, spent 2.5 hours defusing a cat. Russian occupiers had attached an explosive device to the cat's body. The incident took place in one of the liberated areas in Donetsk, according to Belsat.

On the Donetsk front, Ukrainian soldiers took a position in the area liberated from occupiers. The booby trap was in one of the ruined buildings. When they approached it, they heard a terrible cry from the animal.

"We entered cautiously and saw this scene - a cat was lying there. Its paws were tied with tape, and there were some wires sticking out of its body. They were only visible if you looked closely. The problem was that if we cut them, it would explode, and if we pulled the cat, the same would happen. Of course, it would have been easier to detonate it ourselves, but it was too great a risk. But a cat is a living being, after all. So we had to spend two and a half hours dealing with it," said the 23-year-old sapper.

The military says that there was a significant risk of detonating themselves along with the animal, but their conscience wouldn't allow them to blow up the cat, so everything was done to free it.

"The main thing is that we already had experience in such matters. It's fortunate that we came across an intelligent cat. She endured everything that was happening. Now she's with us," said Mykola.

This incredible animal rescue story has a happy ending. According to Anatolii, one of his comrades plans to take the cat home. His wife and daughter are already waiting for the cat there.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces say that this incident is not the first of its kind. After the liberation of villages and towns in 2022, including those near Kyiv, the military had to deal with booby traps and the killing of domestic animals.

The calculation of the occupiers is quite simple - Ukrainians care about animals and rush to their rescue. They attached explosive devices to both living and already deceased animals. Sappers already have experience in disarming such explosive devices and immediately ask everyone to step back to avoid casualties and save the animals.