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Car brands that are most often involved in road accidents

Car brands that are most often involved in road accidents Illustrative photo (Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)
Author: Maria Kholina

Often, the causes of road accidents are attributed to improper speed selection, rule violations, and failure to maintain a safe distance. There are also cars that, according to experts, are most frequently involved in accidents, The Guardian reports.

Why accidents occur

Social marketing experts from the University of Western England have investigated which car brands are most often involved in accidents.

The experts posed a question: Are the drivers entirely at fault, or could the brands themselves be to blame?

They analyzed over 400,000 accidents that occurred in the UK. It was found that violations of intersection traffic rules, specifically running red lights and aggressive driving, were reasons for some accidents. Another reason was marketing.

Car manufacturers often spend a considerable amount of money to promote their products, publishing videos and photos that encourage a sporty driving style. This could later lead to troubles on the road.

The design of some car brands also suggests that the vehicle should be driven at high speeds.

The university scientists do not blame the manufacturers since they adhere to all established rules. However, they believe that some marketing methods promoting extreme driving need to be reconsidered, as this negatively affects road safety.

List of car brands

According to statistics, drivers of the following brands are most often involved in accidents due to aggressive driving:

  • Porsche
  • BMW
  • Subaru

Experts also noted that owners of Skoda and Hyundai are least likely to cause accidents for this reason.

How to avoid accidents

Most road accidents can be prevented, despite their frequency and unpleasant statistics. It is enough to follow traffic rules and simple recommendations:

  • Before the trip, check the functionality of all car systems: indicators, brake lights, and headlights.
  • Do not distract yourself with phone calls, movies, etc.
  • Change lanes carefully, ensuring the adjacent lane is free.
  • Do not forget to use turn signals when planning to change lanes.
  • Pay attention to the road even with extensive driving experience.
  • When crossing an intersection, pay attention not only to the traffic light.
  • Always maintain a safe distance, as the braking system takes a few seconds to respond.
  • Be especially careful if a vehicle with emergency lights appears on the road – firetrucks, police, or ambulance.