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Can be dangerous: 7 types of men to avoid in life

Can be dangerous: 7 types of men to avoid in life Illustrative photo (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

There are types of men it's better to avoid and steer clear of. They can only bring negativity and turmoil into your life, explains psychologist Iryna Kulik on Instagram.

Selfish men

According to the psychologist, these men only think about themselves and pay no attention to the needs of others.

Negativity spreaders

These individuals constantly highlight life's problems and negative aspects.


These men are always talking about themselves and admiring themselves at every moment.


They can employ psychological or physical abuse and frequently criticize their partners.

Unfaithful men

They have wandering eyes and are often seen looking at other women.

Violent men

These are highly dangerous individuals who may transform into abusers.

Addicted men

They are only interested in gambling, computer games, and drugs.

The expert recommends avoiding these types of men as they can be unpredictable and aggressive.

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