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Britain opposes sending troops to Ukraine as they would be targeted by Russia

Britain opposes sending troops to Ukraine as they would be targeted by Russia David Cameron, British Foreign Secretary (photo: Getty Images)

Britain is against sending Western troops to Ukraine, even to train Ukrainian soldiers, because they would become a "target" for Russia, states British Foreign Secretary David Cameron.

For example, in an interview with the Sueddeutsche Zeitung, the British minister answered a question about his attitude to the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine. Cameron replied that this would turn the Western military into "targets" for the Russian army.

"We must avoid creating obvious targets for Putin," he emphasized.

As for training missions on the territory of Ukraine, Cameron believes that they should be conducted abroad.

"Training missions are best conducted outside the country. In Britain, we have trained 60,000 Ukrainian soldiers," the minister added.

Macron's idea of troops in Ukraine

At the end of February, French President Emmanuel Macron did not rule out sending Western troops to help Ukraine. A few days ago, the French president explained the conditions under which he is ready to send French troops to Ukraine.

Several NATO countries have opposed sending troops to Ukraine, including Germany, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Spain, and Italy. But some countries are ready to consider such a possibility, such as Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

Canada, which is also a NATO member, has stated that it is ready to send troops to Ukraine, but only to train Ukrainian defenders in areas far from the front.

According to Politico, France is currently assembling an alliance of countries that are open to sending troops to Ukraine. For example, to demine the territory.