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Britain eyes hypersonic missile arsenal by 2030 - Media

Britain eyes hypersonic missile arsenal by 2030 - Media Photo: Britain wants to arm itself with hypersonic missiles by 2023 (twitter com)

Great Britain aims to develop and deploy a hypersonic missile. The project is intended to be completed by 2030, according to The Telegraph.

As reported, the military leadership of Britain aims to possess hypersonic weaponry to compete with the United States, China, and Russia in this regard.

The British Ministry of Defense desires the missile to be entirely developed and manufactured within Britain, with the deadline set for 2030.

It is considered that the missile plans are still in the early stages, and a decision has yet to be made regarding whether the missiles will be launched from land, sea, or air. One option is to install the missiles on Typhoon or F-35 fighter jets, but this would result in a shorter range compared to ground-launched weaponry. The missiles could also be launched from British military ships.

Since the end of last year, the Ministry of Defense has formed a consortium of around 80 companies to develop potential projects. An agreement was reached in December, dubbed a "national mission."

Sources involved in the project have stated that constructing the missiles will be particularly challenging as some of the necessary materials do not yet exist, meaning they need to be developed from scratch to withstand the high temperatures associated with hypersonic speeds.

British new tanks

It's worth noting that the United Kingdom is developing new Challenger 3 battle tanks. This is an upgraded version of the British Challenger tanks, with Ukraine receiving the second modification (Challenger 2) as part of a tank coalition.

The new Challenger 3 has undergone testing, with live-fire exercises conducted in Germany.

Britain claims that the Challenger 3 will be the "most lethal and resilient" tank in the history of the British Army.