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Bridge collapse in Baltimore - Bodies of 2 workers found

Bridge collapse in Baltimore - Bodies of 2 workers found Collapsed bridge in Baltimore (photo: Getty Images)

Divers have found the bodies of 2 of the 6 workers who went missing after a bridge collapsed in the port of Baltimore, US, according to Reuters.

According to a representative of the Maryland state police, a truck containing the bodies of two men was found at a depth of approximately 8 meters in the middle of the collapsed bridge area.

He said that further search efforts for the bodies are being suspended due to increasingly difficult conditions.

Four more workers were declared dead on Tuesday evening, 18 hours after the accident.

Bridge collapse in the US

On Tuesday, March 26, in the American port of Baltimore, a Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed after being hit by a container ship. The bridge was 2.57-kilometer-long. As a result, cars and about 20 people fell into the Patapsco River. The Governor of Maryland declared a state of emergency.

President of the US Joe Biden stated that there is no indication that the collapse of the bridge in Baltimore was the result of intentional actions.