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Borrell announces approval of EU military aid fund for Ukraine

Borrell announces approval of EU military aid fund for Ukraine Josep Borrell, senior EU diplomat (photo: Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)

The European Union may create a military fund to help Ukraine within the framework of the European Peace Fund in the coming days. This issue was discussed today at an informal meeting of EU foreign ministers, says the head of the EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell.

"Today we had a meaningful discussion on military assistance for Ukraine. We discussed the situation on the battlefield, the situation with military supplies, the creation of an aid fund for Ukraine, which I hope will be agreed on in the next few days inside the European Peace facility," the diplomat said.

Borrell added that the EU maintains a firm position in support of Ukraine.

"Ukraine needs more and quicker support. This support has to come now. Ukrainian victory is crucial not only for Ukraine but for peace and stability in Europe," he emphasized.

Military assistance fund

The creation of a military support fund for Ukraine is Borrell's idea. He proposed that the EU create it within the framework of the existing European Peace Fund, which is worth 20 billion euros for the next four years. The money from this fund would be used to supply Ukraine with military equipment and weapons, as well as to strengthen the European defense industry.

At the EU summit on Thursday, February 1, Borrell called on European leaders to agree on the creation of a military fund as soon as possible, but this issue was not considered, as the agenda included a €50 billion support program.