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Boost your immunity: Care tips for long-term health

Boost your immunity: Care tips for long-term health How to support your immunity (photo: Freepik)

During autumn and winter, there's a widespread trend of purchasing drugs and vitamin complexes that claim to enhance immunity and prevent seasonal illnesses. However, medical professionals stress the importance of not compromising immunity in the first place, eliminating the need for later interventions. UaHealth in the Instagram post provides insights on effectively caring for your immune system.

How to effectively support your immunity

"As the cold weather sets in, pharmaceuticals seize the opportunity, and the stock prices of echinacea producers surge, reflecting the common desire to boost immunity. Many people liken immunity to an erection, assuming it needs to be raised and strengthened. But is it really so and is it really possible to "raise" immunity or it is better not to destroy it after all," doctors question.

Doctors emphasize that immunity is a self-adjusting supersystem, unlike a stomach that can be improved with healthy nourishment. It comprises a set of mechanisms triggered by the body in response to invaders.

In essence, the key is to exert effort in preserving and not hindering immunity from fulfilling its natural duties.


"Sleep serves as the foundation for immunity. The system cannot function optimally when in an emergency state, diverting its resources to stay alert. This compromises its resistance to viruses and bacteria," explain doctors.

They recommend postponing late-night TV series or social media activities that disrupt your sleep. If anxiety is affecting your sleep, seeking assistance from a family doctor or psychologist is advised.

Nutrient deficiencies in the body

"If your diet includes a variety of berries, fruits, vegetables, cereals, and protein, and you engage in regular outdoor activities, chances are your immune system is in good shape," doctors emphasize.

However, vegetarians are advised to consult with a doctor to potentially adjust their diet and consider supplementing with vitamins if necessary.


Immunodeficiency poses a threat to the normal functioning of the immune system. Consider obtaining a free analysis from your doctor or organizations offering such tests. Additionally, prioritize using condoms with new partners.


Antibiotics can disrupt the balance of microorganisms, both harmful and beneficial. Therefore, it's crucial to take these drugs only when medically necessary, allowing the body sufficient time to restore its "protective shield."

To reduce the risk of illness, follow the vaccination calendar, and consider vaccinations against pneumococcal and meningococcal infections, as recommended by healthcare professionals.


Measles can lead to immune amnesia, causing the body to "forget" previously encountered diseases, making them susceptible to a new cycle. The most effective defense against measles is vaccination.

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