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Bomb fell in front of cars: Video of air strike on Kharkiv appears

Bomb fell in front of cars: Video of air strike on Kharkiv appears Kharkiv came under enemy fire (photo:

On the afternoon of Saturday, June 22, the Russian Federation launched four guided aerial bombs at Kharkiv. As a result, part of a residential building was destroyed and a car was damaged.

RBC-Ukraine cites eyewitnesses who posted a video of the bomb's impact on social media.

The published footage shows that one of the bombs hit the road in front of cars that had stopped at a red traffic light. The hit damaged the wall of a residential building opposite the bus station.

Later, Serhiy Bolvinov, the head of the Kharkiv regional police investigators, told Suspilne that as of 19:00, no people remained under the rubble.

"But we will be able to say for sure after all the rubble is dismantled," Bolvinov said.

He also noted that video from dashcams shows that the bomb could have hit the road, not the house.

"We can see that the hit was on the road, which resulted in this crater in the middle of the road. It is likely that either parts of the engine or parts of the guided bomb hit the house itself, which is why a part of the residential building collapsed," he said.

As of 19:40, it is known that 3 people were killed in the attack, 42 others were injured, including 2 children.

Air strike on Kharkiv

This afternoon, Russia attacked Kharkiv, and explosions were heard there. Later it became known that Russian troops attacked the city with guided bombs and hit a residential building. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy reacted to the shelling of the city.

Pictures from the crash site also appeared.