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Biden will talk less about war in Ukraine during election period

Biden will talk less about war in Ukraine during election period US President Joe Biden (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

The team of US President Joe Biden is reportedly aiming to downplay the United States' ongoing involvement in the war in Ukraine during his re-election campaign, according to Politico.

The issue of democracy will remain a central component of Biden's campaign — serving as a unifying thread for discussions ranging from Ukraine and Donald Trump to abortions, arms security, and education.

As such, White House aides and campaign officials have stated that they do not expect relentless PR campaigns in support of the war in Ukraine in the coming months.

"Now that the supplemental passed Congress, it’s naturally less of a salient issue," said a source speaking to Politico.

The topic of Ukraine will likely be used to criticize Trump, as well as within the broader context of Biden's commitment to democracy. However, expecting calls for increased support for Ukraine in the coming months is definitely not on the agenda.

US election

The US presidential election is scheduled for November 5. The main candidates for the head of state are the incumbent president Joe Biden and his predecessor Donald Trump.

With very little time left until voting day and no direct communication between the candidates yet, major American media companies have expressed their desire to host debates between the candidates ahead of the elections.

Meanwhile, Biden has said that he is not opposed to participating in debates.