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Biden, Trump to visit Mexico border simultaneously

Biden, Trump to visit Mexico border simultaneously Biden, Trump to visit Mexico border simultaneously (Getty Images)

US President Joe Biden announced a trip to Brownsville, Texas, located on the border with Mexico. At the same time, his election opponent, Donald Trump, plans to visit the same state.

Read about the role these two visits play in addressing the migrant crisis at the Mexico-US border on RBC-Ukraine, citing The New York Times, and Biden's X account.

According to Biden's announcement, he will visit Brownsville, Texas, which borders Mexico.

During his visit, he plans to meet with representatives of the US Border Patrol, law enforcement agencies, and local leaders.

"House Republicans should stop playing politics and pass the bipartisan border agreement we reached in the Senate, the toughest and fairest reforms in decades," he says on X.

Trump's visit to Texas

Meanwhile, the 45th President of the United States and Joe Biden's main opponent, Donald Trump, plans to visit the border with Mexico.

As reported by NYT, Trump will visit Eagle Pass, Texas, on Thursday. According to sources, he plans to make remarks at the border to highlight the migration crisis and blame Biden.

It is expected that Trump will draw attention to crimes committed by migrants in New York and other cities, as well as the arrest of an undocumented Venezuelan migrant during a recent high-profile murder of a 22-year-old nursing student in Georgia.

Politicians set to visit the Mexico border simultaneously

Commenting on the visit to Texas, Biden noted that he had planned it without knowing that Trump would also go to the border.

"What I didn’t know was that my good friend apparently is going," Biden told reporters, apparently referring to Trump.

Issues with the US-Mexico border

One of the main problems is the increasing number of illegal migrants crossing the Mexico-US border. It is related to various factors, including poverty, violence, and persecution in Central American and Mexican countries.

Biden proposed allocating $106 billion to aid Ukraine and Israel, but Senate Republicans demanded changes to the bill to include more radical proposals on border protection with Mexico.

Later, Texas Governor Greg Abbott stated that he was willing to oppose the federal government on the protection of the southern US border from the influx of migrants. According to him, he is prepared for a potential conflict with the federal government over the situation at the Mexico border.