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Biden spoke about possible reason for Hamas militants attack on Israel

Biden spoke about possible reason for Hamas militants attack on Israel U.S. President Joe Biden (photo: GettyImages)

President Joe Biden has voiced speculation on what might have prompted Hamas to launch an attack on Israel, according to the White House.

According to the U.S. President, a possible reason for the attack was the close relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia.

"I believe one of the reasons why Hamas struck when they did was they knew that I was working very closely with the Saudis and others in the region to bring peace to the region by having recognition of Israel and Israel’s right to exist," said Joe Biden.

Biden also referenced the G20 summit where the U.S. and other nations agreed to connect the Middle East and Europe by rail.

"There was a statement passed through there saying we were going to build a railroad from Riyadh all the way through the Middle East into - into Saudi Arabia, Israel, et cetera, and all the way up to Europe. Not the - not the railroad, but it would be an - an underground pipeline and then railroad," said Biden.

The American leader stated that Arab countries are interested in working together to change the situation in their region and achieve long-term peace.

"And that is what I’m going to continue to work on," said Biden.

Aid from U.S. to Israel

Earlier, U.S. President Biden stated that the release of hostages from Hamas captivity is just the beginning of the process. The President and his team worked around the clock to achieve the complete release of the hostages.

Biden also requested $14.5 billion for Israel from the U.S. Congress. Of this amount, $9.15 billion will be allocated for humanitarian aid.