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Biden labels Putin 'brutal tyrant' in new statement on Ukraine

Biden labels Putin 'brutal tyrant' in new statement on Ukraine Photo: US President Joe Biden (Getty Images)

The United States will continue to firmly support Ukraine against the "brutal tyrant," none other than Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin, stated President Joe Biden in his speech to graduates at the US Military Academy in West Point.

"There are no American soldiers at war in Ukraine. I'm determined to keep it that way, but we are standing strong with Ukraine, and we are standing against a man whom I've known well for many years, a brutal tyrant. We may not, we will not walk away," he said.

According to him, American soldiers support brave Ukrainians in their fight for freedom.

"Our soldiers are working around the clock to ensure the movement of ammunition and equipment by land, sea and air," Biden said, adding that US military support goes beyond providing weapons, as American troops also train their Ukrainian counterparts in using advanced weapon systems like HIMARS, Patriot missiles, and Abrams tanks.

The American president also reminded that he warned Russian President Vladimir Putin, who was confident that NATO would dissolve "immediately after I took the oath."

"You want to "Finlandize” Ukraine. You will get the “NATOization” of Europe," Biden added.

Swiss peace summit

On June 15-16, Ukraine will host its first peace summit at the leaders' level aimed at ending the war with Russia. The event will take place in Switzerland.

According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, one of the key issues will be the possibility of returning prisoners in an "all for all" format, involving not only military personnel but also civilians illegally detained by Russia. Issues of nuclear and food security will also be discussed.

According to Bloomberg, US President Joe Biden is likely to skip the Ukrainian peace summit.