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Biden invited Trump to play golf, promising to give odds

Biden invited Trump to play golf, promising to give odds Joe Biden, President of the United States (photo: Getty Images)

US President Joe Biden has invited the former US president and his election opponent Donald Trump to play golf.

On his Twitter page, the current US president posted a video excerpt from a fundraising event held on March 28, where the host jokingly said that Biden had not won any of the golf championships organized by Trump.

Biden responded to the joke by saying that he had offered to play golf with Trump back in 2016.

"Donald, my offer to play golf still stands. I'll let you take three strokes off your game if you carry your own bag," Biden wrote under the video on Twitter.

Presidential elections in the United States

The US presidential election is scheduled for November 5, 2024. According to forecasts, the main Democratic candidate will be the current American leader Joe Biden, while Trump will run for the Republicans.

In March, for the first time since August of last year, Biden was ahead of his rival in the rankings. And later it became known that Biden is ahead of Trump in six of the seven key swing states. In two of them, by a significant margin.