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Beyoncé announces launch of hair care line

Beyoncé announces launch of hair care line Beyoncé (

Beyoncé is launching a hair care line, Cécred, according to her Instagram.

Beyoncé launches her own hair care line

The singer announced the release of her hair care line, set to debut on February 20. Beyoncé shared an intriguing video featuring girls with different hair types washing, cutting, and styling their hair using her products.

The promo also includes a man, indicating that the products for men will also be available.

Beyoncé announces launch of hair care line

Beyoncé launches her own hair care line (Photo:

While the exact products are still unknown, it is speculated that they will include hair growth stimulators, styling devices, combs, accessories, vitamin supplements, shampoos, masks, conditioners, and much more.

It's not surprising that Beyoncé is venturing into hair care products, as her first job was sweeping floors at her mother's beauty salon. The young singer performed for clients at that time with her pop band Destiny's Child.

Beyoncé recounted how she witnessed firsthand at her mother's salon that the quality of hair care can directly impact a soul.

Now she has decided to pursue a childhood dream and follow her passion.

Beyoncé is keeping all the details under wraps for now, but soon there will be a luxurious presentation revealing the full range of products she has prepared for sale and personal use.

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