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Best time to travel by plane if you go on vacation with children

Best time to travel by plane if you go on vacation with children When is the best time to travel by plane with children (photo: Freepik)

Traveling by plane with children is usually not easy. Experienced traveler and mother of five, Ellie Stencliff, shared the best time of day to book tickets, according to The Sun website.

When is the best time to travel by plane

Parents often choose night flights, thinking that their child will sleep the whole way.

In many cases, children cannot fall asleep, and parents have to calm and entertain them.

Ellie Stenkliff said that if you are just flying for a vacation, it is worth choosing daytime flights because children are excited in anticipation of the sea.

On the way back, the nighttime works because the excitement is over and tired children will sleep the whole way.

She also added that it is best to travel by plane, as siblings are too noisy in the car and end up quarrelling.

What to bring on a plane for a child


Most airlines have children's menus on flights, which are ordered when booking tickets. But situations vary, so it's best to have a supply of cookies, fruits, yoghurts, and milk formula with you. The amount of food depends on the duration of the flight.


Usually, water is poured free of charge on airplanes, but it's better if your child has their supply for the entire flight. Water for children is allowed on board the aircraft; it should be packed at the time of inspection of your luggage.


Light, comfortable, without complex fasteners and dozens of buttons. Footwear should also be easy to remove and put on. On board, the temperature can be both hot and cool, so this should be taken into account. Don't forget about spare sets of clothes for the child.


A child is always happy with a new toy, and if you give them only a newly purchased toy on the flight, the new entertainment can keep the child busy for a long time.


A tablet, a phone with games, a player with cartoons - all this will distract children during the flight. Even if you are a staunch opponent of gadgets, allow children to use them during the flight.

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