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Benefits of walking every day: Interesting facts

Benefits of walking every day: Interesting facts Illustrative photo (Freepik)
Author: Maria Kholina

Many people don't place significant importance on daily walks outdoors. However, they should, because even 30 minutes outside offers substantial benefits. Walks are essential for children and the elderly, for the healthy and the sick, and especially for those who spend a lot of time at home or in the office working, according to neurologist and psychotherapist Hanna Cherednychenko.

Cardiovascular system

Walks improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system, and walking helps prevent cardiovascular diseases. People over 60 who walk regularly can restore their arteries to a condition similar to several years ago.

Reduces risk of diabetes

Regular walks reduce the risk of developing diabetes, the most well-known metabolic disorder, which can be controlled through walking.

Weight loss

You burn calories while walking and your heart rate increases, allowing you to shed extra pounds during walks. This is beneficial not only for weight loss but also for hormonal regulation. Walking makes our body more flexible, leading to increased muscle strength.

Strengthening muscles and joints

Minimal physical activity, constant sitting in front of a computer both at work and during leisure time, damages our proper posture. Muscles react immediately. When they are not used, they simply weaken. All this leads to an increased risk of fractures and sprains.

Boosting immunity

Constantly staying indoors contributes to virus infections. Conversely, the benefits of walking outdoors help harden the body and boost immunity.

Improving mood

Regular walks can improve your mood and well-being. Walking in the fresh air helps calm emotions and promotes the formation of positive thoughts. This is especially important in these challenging times we're living. Walking can alleviate depression and other common disorders. Additionally, walking effectively reduces stress.

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