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Benefits of placing bay leaf under pillow and in bathroom

Benefits of placing bay leaf under pillow and in bathroom Benefits of bay leaf (collage: RBK-Ukraine)

Bay leaf is a popular spice used in cooking. However, not everyone knows that it also has other beneficial properties. It can be placed under the pillow and in the bathroom.

Why you should do this, and what are the beneficial properties of the laurel leaf, according to

Why place bay leaves under the pillow

As it turns out, the popular spice can be very helpful for those suffering from insomnia and difficulty falling asleep. Simply place a laurel leaf under your pillow, and you'll start sleeping well.

The scent and oils of the laurel leaf will help you relax. If you've been struggling to find a method to combat chronic fatigue, start sleeping with this spice under your pillow and forget about sleep deprivation.

Навіщо класти лавровий лист під подушку та у ванній: ви будете здивовані, коли це дізнаєтеся

Benefits of bay leaf (photo:

How bay leaf can help with hair care

In addition, laurel leaf can be a lifesaver for those with dull hair. This spice will also be useful if you have a flaky scalp. Experts recommend preparing a hair rinse solution. Put 6 laurel leaves in water and leave them there for 10 hours. Then rinse your clean hair with this solution, and the results will pleasantly surprise you.

Why put bay leaves in the bathroom

If you want to get rid of fatigue and relax after a hard day, take a shower or bath. But before doing so, hang laurel leaves in the bathroom. Thanks to the essential oils, you will be able to relax and prepare for sleep. It's important not to wet the leaves; hang or place them where they will be exposed to warmth but not water.

"The more leaves you spread out, the better the effect will be. The aroma in the bathroom will help you relax and reduce stress," the statement notes.

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