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Attack on Crimea: New details on aftermath revealed

Attack on Crimea: New details on aftermath revealed Photo: New details of the aftermath of the strike on Crimea have emerged (illustration/Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

The consequences of the attack on the temporarily occupied Crimea on the night of May 30 were much more significant. This is confirmed even in Russia itself, according to the ASTRA Telegram channel.

“Four boats, two ferries, and a pilot boat were damaged or destroyed as a result of a nighttime missile attack in Crimea. Five people were injured,” ASTRA writes, citing sources.

Thus, in addition to the Mechta pilot boat, which sank, the Conro Trader ferry and the Avangard ferry were damaged in Crimea during today's attack.

“The latter ran aground due to damage. One of the crew members was injured on the Conro Trader ferry. On the Avangard, 4 people were injured,” the Telegram channel adds.

In addition, four KS 701 amphibious assault boats were damaged, two of which have already been reported to the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine.

In addition, the Crimean gauleiters also reported that two ferries were damaged in Kerch by allegedly shot-down missile fragments.

Attack on Crimea

On May 30, the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine conducted another operation in the temporarily occupied Crimea. For this purpose, they used Magura V5 maritime drones.

Although the Russian Federation sent almost a squadron of six airplanes and two helicopters into the sky, the Ukrainian intelligence officers destroyed two Russian Tunets boats. Later, ASTRA wrote that the Russian pilot boat Mechta had also sunk.