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ATACMS, $60 billion and more: Zelenskyy meets with US Congress delegation

ATACMS, $60 billion and more: Zelenskyy meets with US Congress delegation Photo: President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy met with the delegation of the US Congress (

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy today, February 9, held a meeting with a delegation of American congressmen. One of the topics was the financing of aid to Ukraine in the amount of 60 billion dollars, which is being considered by Congress, according to the evening address of the Ukrainian head of state.

The president recalled that the delegation of congressmen was led by the chairman of the US House of Representatives Intelligence Committee.

During the negotiations, Zelenskyy informed American lawmakers about the current situation on the battlefield, critical threats and the need to continue supporting Ukrainian defense.

Also, according to the head of state, three key issues were raised during the discussions:

  • the need for support this year and the new American package, which is still being discussed;

  • supply of air defense systems - namely Patriot;

  • the need for a decision on the transfer of long-range missiles to Ukraine, including ATACMS for 300 kilometers.

US aid to Ukraine

The USA has run out of money that was intended to help Ukraine. Even last year, US President Joe Biden asked Congress for new funding to help our country in the amount of more than 60 billion dollars.

This initiative was part of a package that also included money for Israel and Taiwan and funding for border protection.

Due to disagreements between Democrats and Republicans over border protection, the package wasn't supported by the US Congress.

Currently, the Senate is considering aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan separately from the issue of borders.