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Apple preparing to release 'smart' home accessory: What is known so far

Apple preparing to release 'smart' home accessory: What is known so far The leak confirms Apple's work on a home accessory (photo: Unsplash)

Apple once again impresses the world with innovative technology. This time, it's about a new "smart" home accessory that promises to change our perception of comfort and convenience. Code discovered in Apple's backend confirms that the company is indeed working on a home accessory in addition to the HomePod and Apple TV, according to the news website MacRumors, which is associated with Apple products.

What is known about the "smart" accessory

The code reveals a reference to a device with the identifier HomeAccessory17,1, which belongs to a new category. This name is similar to the identifier for the ‌HomePod‌, "AudioAccessory."

Interestingly, the number 17,1 in the name may indicate that this device will feature the new Apple A18 chip, which will appear in all four models of the iPhone 16 later this year.

With the A18 chip, the HomeAccessory device will have sufficient power to support Apple Intelligence functions.

Additionally, the code indicates that this home accessory will run on software that is a variant of tvOS, similar to the HomePod.

Earlier this year, evidence of Apple's development of the homeOS operating system was also discovered, which could become the firmware for this device.

Details of other innovations

In a similar context, the code also references two unreleased Apple TV models with identifiers AppleTV14,4 and AppleTV14,5. There are rumors that an updated Apple TV might be released in 2024.

It is expected that in September, Apple will introduce new iPhones, iPads, and possibly other products.

The specifications, price, and release date of the Apple iMac M4 have been revealed.