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Apple officially released iOS 17.1.2 with bug fixed

Apple officially released iOS 17.1.2 with bug fixed The iOS 17.1.2 update has been released, addressing various bugs. (photo: Getty Images)

Apple has released iOS 17.1.2, a minor update to the iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 operating systems, which were first launched in September, according to MacRumors.

What's new in iOS 17.1.2

It's challenging to determine the specific changes in iOS 17.1.2. According to some sources, this update is intended to address issues with wireless charging in BMW cars. Users report that even after removing the case from the iPhone 15 Pro Max, charging does not activate, and this process lasts only 5-10 seconds.

However, there is no precise information on whether the situation has improved. According to feedback on Reddit, the wireless charging issue persists even in iOS 17.2 beta 4.

There were also issues observed with Wi-Fi on some iPhones, where connecting to an access point would display the message "No Internet Connection." Although this bug was addressed in iOS 17.1.1, some users continue to experience this problem.

In any case, installing iOS 17.1.2 is recommended, if only for security improvements. As of the writing of this article, Apple clarified that the processing of web content could lead to the disclosure of confidential information and was relevant to all versions, including iOS 16.7.1.

How to update iOS on Iphone?

As mentioned earlier, iOS 17.1.2 is a minor update that many users often overlook and skip. Currently, there are no issues with downloading this version, and the server load is minimal, making the iOS update on the iPhone easy to perform. Here are the steps:

Go to Settings on your iPhone.

Select General, and then choose Software Update.

Turn off beta updates at the top if you are tracking them, then search for a new version.

Press "Download and Install" to download the new iOS immediately, or "Install Tonight" if you want to update the iPhone later.

The size of iOS 17.1.2 is approximately 390 megabytes, so the download process will take only a few minutes. Before downloading, make sure to turn off VPN, ensure that your iPhone is charged, and connect to a reliable Wi-Fi access point to avoid potential issues.

Apple офіційно випустила iOS 17.1.2 з виправленням помилок. Що ще нового з’явилося


When will iOS 17.2 be released?

According to unofficial information, it is expected that iOS 17.2 will be released in mid-December, most likely on the 14th.

Due to a new bug in iOS 17, the iPhone screen can completely freeze.

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