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Apart from Ukraine. U.S. Congress to vote on aid for Israel next week

Apart from Ukraine. U.S. Congress to vote on aid for Israel next week Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson (photo: Getty Images)

The U.S. House of Representatives will vote next week on a bill to provide more than $17 billion in aid to Israel, states the speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson.

According to Johnson, such a step is necessary to quickly get assistance to Israel in its fight against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. He noted that now the U.S. has no time to consider a package that combines aid to Ukraine and Israel.

"That proposal is set to be released soon by the Senate after lengthy negotiations," Johnson said.

The bill to be voted on provides funds for Israel's Iron Dome and Iron Beam missile defense systems. It also includes funds for U.S. military operations in the Middle East and enhanced protection for U.S. personnel at embassies.

"While the Senate appears poised to finally release text of their supplemental package after months of behind closed doors negotiations, their leadership is aware that by failing to include the House in their negotiations, they have eliminated the ability for swift consideration of any legislation," Johnson warned.

It will not have offsetting spending cuts, unlike the $14 billion Israel aid bill that passed the House over Democratic objections.

Delays in funding assistance to Ukraine

U.S. President Joe Biden proposed that Congress allocate $106 billion to help Ukraine and Israel. However, the issue has not yet been adopted.

The U.S. Congress is debating whether to continue funding aid to Ukraine. Republicans are blocking the issue by demanding the adoption of immigration legislation.

In early January, the White House announced that aid to Ukraine was suspended until Congress approves new funding.

According to The Wall Street Journal, U.S. President Joe Biden agreed to toughen immigration policy, as demanded by Republicans, to avoid criticism and ensure aid to Ukraine.

At the same time, The Guardian reports that the U.S. Congress is one step away from reaching a deal to restore aid to Ukraine.