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Anti-aircraft gunners down rare enemy drone SuperCam: Video

Anti-aircraft gunners down rare enemy drone SuperCam: Video Photo: anti-aircraft fighters shot down a rare enemy SuperCam drone (Getty Images)

Ukrainian soldiers successfully managed to "bring down" a rare Russian drone, SuperCam. It was shot down by anti-aircraft gunners, reports the 47th Separate Mechanized Brigade on Facebook.

"The air defense troops of the 47th Separate Mechanized Brigade successfully brought down a rare enemy unmanned aerial vehicle, SuperCam," the post states.

It was noted that initially, such technology was designed for aerial photography of the terrain, aiding researchers in creating maps and assisting in rescue operations.

However, after the onset of full-scale war, these UAVs appeared in the arsenal of the Russian Federation. With their help, the enemy conducts aerial reconnaissance.

Destruction of SuperCam drones

Earlier, the Defense Forces successfully neutralized three enemy drones on the front lines, including SuperCam and ZALA.

Prior to that, the 79th Separate Airborne Assault Brigade also "brought down" two more of such enemy UAVs.

Russian losses in the war

It is worth noting that Russian forces continue to suffer significant losses in the war against Ukraine, including in the number of drones. As of today, our defenders have managed to destroy 6,404 tactical-level UAVs.