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Another U.S. state allows Trump to participate in elections

Another U.S. state allows Trump to participate in elections Photo: Donald Trump (Getty Images)

The Colorado court has allowed Donald Trump to participate in the Republican Party primaries. However, the judge acknowledged that the former U.S. president was implicated in the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021, informs the Associated Press.

District Judge Sarah B. Wallace stated that Trump can remain in the primary elections since it is still unclear whether the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution applies to presidents. The judge explained her decision citing "competing interpretations" of the amendment.

It is worth noting that after the Civil War in the United States, the 14th Amendment was added to the Constitution, emphasizing that no person who participated in a rebellion or insurrection against the government could run for public office. A group of Americans appealed to the court to prevent Trump from running in the elections.

The decision of the Colorado court was the third in the U.S. Last week, the Supreme Court of Minnesota declared that Trump can participate in primaries, and a Michigan judge ruled that Congress should decide whether the former president can run for elections.

Cases against Trump

91 charges have been brought against Donald Trump in four criminal cases. These include illegal handling of classified documents, attempting to manipulate election results, and illegal spending of funds collected for the presidential campaign.

However, Trump continues to participate in the electoral campaign and plans to run for the U.S. presidency in 2024.