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All details of the night Russian attack on Ukraine on August 30

All details of the night Russian attack on Ukraine on August 30 Russia launched a massive attack on Ukraine on the night of August 30 (
Author: Maria Kholina

On the night of August 30, Kyiv and several other regions came under a Russian drone and missile attack. While most of the incoming threats were successfully intercepted by the Ukrainian air defense systems, casualties and damage incurred. The following RBC-Ukraine report provides details of the attack and its aftermath.

The Russian military executed a coordinated offensive employing drones and missiles. Initially, the enemy unleashed a wave of armed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), swiftly followed by missile strikes.

Weapons used

Valerii Zaluzhnyi, the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, revealed that during this attack, all 28 cruise missiles and 15 out of 16 Russian combat drones were neutralized.

"This night, the enemy targeted Ukrainian territory with cruise missiles and armed UAVs. A total of 44 hostile aerial targets were recorded," stated Zaluzhnyi.

The arsenal included:

  • 28 air-launched cruise missiles of the Kh-101/Kh-555/Kh-55 type, launched from 11 Tu-95MS strategic bombers from the Caspian Sea and the Engels region.
  • 16 Shahed-136/131 armed drones from southern and northern directions, including Primorsko-Akhtarsk and Kursk.

Remarkably, Ukrainian air defenders managed to down all 28 cruise missiles and 15 Shahed-136/131 armed drones within the Kyiv, Cherkasy, Odesa, and Mykolaiv regions.


Kyiv had not experienced such an attack since spring, as noted by the Kyiv City Military Administration. Over 20 enemy targets in the capital's airspace were successfully neutralized by air defense systems.

However, debris from the intercepted threats fell in various parts of Kyiv, resulting in two fatalities and three injuries. Specifically:

  • In the Shevchenkivskyi district, debris fell on the premises of a local enterprise, causing a fire that was promptly extinguished. Additionally, debris hit non-residential buildings, including another enterprise, resulting in the deaths of two security guards aged 26 and 36.
  • In the Darnytskyi district, debris struck an "Auchan" hypermarket, damaging its roof and causing fragments of the missile to penetrate the interior. The fire was contained within an area of 50 square meters.

Photo: aftermath of debris falling on Auchan (

Kyiv region

The attack in the Kyiv region impacted the Bucha and Fastiv districts. Over six private residences were damaged due to falling missile and drone debris. A 69-year-old woman sustained injuries, along with two men aged 43 and 49 from one of the affected homes. Garage structures were also destroyed, along with two vehicles.

Private residencies in another area of the Kyiv region suffered damage to roofs and windows. A fire ignited but was swiftly extinguished. Additionally, debris from a Russian missile was found at a local cemetery.

Photo: aftermath of the fall of debris in Kyiv region (
According to the Office of the Prosecutor General, an infrastructure facility in the Kyiv region also sustained damage.

Zhytomyr region

Russian forces launched kamikaze drones at an infrastructure facility in the Zhytomyr region. Thanks to air defense units, some of the aerial threats were intercepted. Debris from downed drones partially damaged the infrastructure facility and railway tracks. Fires resulting from the enemy attack were promptly extinguished. Fortunately, there were no reported casualties. The extent of damage is being assessed.

Odesa region

Around 03:00 AM, reports emerged of enemy rocket attacks on the Odesa region's maritime base. Explosions were also reported in Odesa. Odesa Regional Governor Oleh Kiper confirmed the missile strikes on the region and revealed that air defense systems were active in the area.

In the morning, the Odesa Regional Administration reported the successful interception of eight missiles over the Black Sea by Ukrainian air defense and maritime security forces. No hits or damage were reported.

Cherkasy region

Ukrainian air defense units in the Cherkasy region successfully intercepted one Russian missile, according to Ihor Taburets, the head of the Cherkasy Regional Military Administration. The region had been on high alert with the constant threat of missile strikes from the north throughout the night. Thankfully, no casualties or damages were reported.

Mykolaiv region

Vitalii Kim, the head of the Mykolaiv Regional Military Administration, reported that there were no attacks or damages within the Mykolaiv region. However, he mentioned that air defense units were active in the region, and further details would be provided later.

Train delays

Due to the debris cleanup and repair efforts following the nighttime enemy attack in the Zhytomyr region, train services have been delayed as follows:

  • Train No. 54, Przemysl - Kyiv: up to 2 hours.
  • Trains No. 743, Darnytsia - Lviv: up to 1 hour.
  • Train No. 68, Warsaw - Kyiv: up to 30 minutes.

All other long-distance trains are operating according to schedule.