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Air Force unveils details on Shahed targeting units

Air Force unveils details on Shahed targeting units Spokesperson for the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Yurii Ihnat (

Ukraine is expanding the number of mobile units in its Armed Forces that intercept enemy targets during Russian air attacks, destroying approximately 40% of the 'Shahed' drones recently. For a successful defeat of enemy attack drones, the fighters take less than a minute, according to the spokesperson for the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Yurii Ihnat.

These mobile units' work allows air defense forces to save their valuable anti-aircraft-guided weapons, crucial for the Defense Forces in countering the occupant's aviation, says Ihnat.

He also revealed that new mobile group units are continuously being created within the Ukrainian military, actively participating in repelling Russian occupiers' aerial attacks. Upon detecting enemy UAVs, the command dispatches mobile units for interception and guides the fighters along the route.

"The effective range of the 'mobile' is several kilometers. If it's a MANPADS - up to 4 km, if it's a heavy machine gun - 1-2 km," said the Air Force representative.

Ihnat emphasized that the result depends on mobility; therefore, the following are essential for the mobile units' work:

  • Motor vehicles (especially pickups),

  • Anti-aircraft guns and heavy machine guns,

  • "Everything else that helps achieve such a result," including thermal imaging equipment, night vision devices, spotlights, laser pointers.

The spokesperson also highlighted that positive results are achieved due to the military mobile units' experience combined with gadgets and weapons. Time is crucial in the work of mobile units, as only "tens of seconds" are available for shooting down enemy drones.

"A mobile group consists of several people: a driver, a MANPADS operator, and a heavy machine gunner," added the colonel.

Russian drone attacks on Ukraine

Recently, Russian occupiers have increased the use of assault drones, particularly Shahed, during their aerial attacks on Ukraine's territory.

Last week, Russian forces released 75 such UAVs over Ukraine during one night. The Ukrainian air defense managed to shoot down 74 of them. More than half of all drones landed in northern Ukraine, demonstrating the effective work of the mobile units.

According to the spokesperson for the Ukrainian Air Force, Yurii Ihnat, the recent severe weather conditions in Ukraine are not a complete obstacle to Russian Shahed attacks and missiles. However, the enemy may face some difficulties.

The Air Force representative also mentioned that the occupiers are likely to start using drones more actively for strikes on Ukraine than missiles.