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Air Force reveals time needed by Russia for new missile strike

Air Force reveals time needed by Russia for new missile strike Photo: Spokesperson of the Ukrainian Air Force, Yurii Ihnat (Getty Images)

Russia may need another four days to prepare for a new missile strike on Ukraine following today's attack. This information was reported by the spokesperson of the Ukrainian Air Force, Yurii Ihnat, during a telethon.

Ihnat was asked whether Russia could repeat such a massive strike, given that only four days have passed since the last similar attack. This is despite forecasts from Western experts suggesting that such a concentrated strike might not occur again.

"To prepare, I think, a few days are enough. If they have certain patterns planned," Ihnat stated.

He added that each missile is programmed - the route it will take, where it will turn right, left, ascend, and where it will strike. These tasks are carried out by relevant specialists.

"The question lies with the missiles, how many they can afford to launch next time. And whether they can replenish this stock," the spokesperson explained.

According to Ihnat, the Russian forces have long exceeded the untouched reserve of missiles and continue to do so.

"We see that they have used a lot of air-launched X-type missiles. They have not used 'Calibers' much lately," he clarified.

Massive Russian strike

Recall that Russian occupiers attempted to attack Ukraine today, January 2, using missiles and kamikaze drones named Shakhed.

The main target of the missile strike was Kyiv. The enemy launched a large number of cruise missiles at the capital, as well as 10 hypersonic Kinzhals.

Air defense forces managed to intercept 72 Russian missiles. There are casualties in Kyiv due to falling debris.

For more details on the consequences of the strike, you can refer to the material from RBC-Ukraine.