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AI working against Ukraine in war: Harmful technologies revealed

AI working against Ukraine in war: Harmful technologies revealed How AI can threaten Ukraine (Collage: RBC-Ukraine)

Technologies developed based on artificial intelligence can effectively work against Ukraine in a war. Recently, Russia released a realistic video fake depicting Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Zaluzhnyi allegedly speaking against President Zelenskyy. This incident is not the only one where the enemy has utilized AI against us.

The head of the Department of Digital Automata Theory at the Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics of the NAS of Ukraine, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Oleksandr Letychevskyi, discussed how artificial intelligence can harm Ukraine in warfare in a comment to RBC-Ukraine.

Realistic fakes and agitation for the "Russian world" using chatbots

"Nowadays, creating realistic fakes and simulating other people's voices is possible. However, there are already programs that can distinguish whether it is, for example, the real voice of Zaluzhnyi. Programs can also identify fakes based on information because a chatbot is a specific machine that formulates phrases in a certain way, and the same artificial intelligence can detect these characteristic features of a chat," explained the scientist.

Letychevskyi adds that the most significant danger for Ukraine from AI is agitation for the "Russian world," which can be conducted on social networks.

"With chatbots, you can create many accounts on social networks, and they will agitate people for certain political parties or incite them to unlawful actions. People are very emotional, arguing and insulting each other, while a chatbot is tolerant; it will neatly impose its opinion. And this is already an attack on democracy," says the cybernetician.

He emphasizes that such cases must be monitored, and new developments based on AI must be certified to ensure they are safe for use.

"It's a serious matter. Therefore, it needs to be monitored, and everything needs to be certified because it affects the overall consciousness of social networks. You can reconfigure and train Chat GPT because it is an accessible technology. And this is very dangerous," notes the scientist.

Constant cyberattacks

Another danger threatening Ukraine is cyberattacks. Our scientists resist them using developments based on AI.

"We work in the field of cybersecurity. Artificial intelligence helps us distinguish attacks on computers and network environments. We study the traffic of previous attacks, train a neural network, and can already determine what kind of attack it is. This development yields good results. But hackers constantly develop new attacks, and dealing with them is challenging," added the cybernetician.

Letychevskyi pointed out that hackers can disguise themselves as regular traffic, which is challenging to distinguish. However, our cyberneticians use a combination of neural networks and deductive detection to identify such attacks.