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African delegation used bomb shelter amid Russian attack on Kyiv

African delegation used bomb shelter amid Russian attack on Kyiv African leaders in Kyiv (

During a Russian missile attack on Kyiv, African leaders visiting the Ukrainian capital used an air-raid shelter in one of the hotels, as Reuters reports.

"Air sirens later blared in Kyiv and Reuters saw the leaders heading into a hotel in the capital to use its air-raid shelter," the media says.

The South African Presidency said that the mission "is proceeding well and as planned." They also added that African leaders would soon start negotiations with President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy, during which the "African peace plan" will be presented.

Russia launched a missile attack during the African diplomatic mission in Kyiv

Today Russians massively attacked the Kyiv region, as they simultaneously used ballistic, cruise missiles, and drones. Ukraine's Air Forces downed 6 "Kinzhals" missiles, 6 "Kalibr" cruise missiles, and two drones over Kyiv.

Ukraine's Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba said that the attack is "a clear signal to Africa that Russia does not want peace, but war".

Today the leaders of the African countries arrived in Kyiv to promote their "peace initiative." Among the proposals, as the media found out, Africa may propose the withdrawal of Russian troops. However, the African leaders might propose weakening Western sanctions against Russia as well as suspension of the arrest warrant execution for Russian President Vladimir Putin, issued by the International Criminal Court.