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90s Christmas movies for cozy and snowy winter night

90s Christmas movies for cozy and snowy winter night A still from the movie "Four Rooms"
Author: Maria Kholina

It's Christmas season, the season of longing for miracles and fairy tales. Snowy evenings seem perfect for watching atmospheric movies. And, of course, there's nothing better than turning on those classic Christmas movies.

What could be cozier than Christmas movies from the 1990s, which have been and continue to be a source of festive joy for generations worldwide? RBC-Ukraine has compiled a selection of the best iconic movies with the true snowy-festive-Christmas spirit.

Scrooged (1988)

Christmas is the time to remember about gifts, tangerines, and wishes, as well as abour how important it is to give the gift of a fairy tale to others. However, those who could create real miracles don't always realize their power and the need to be kind.

In the movie "Scrooged," actor Bill Murray portrays such a Scrooge - the wealthy and influential TV executive Frank Cross, who cares only about business and forces subordinates to work under any circumstances, including on Christmas.

But on the eve of winter holidays, forces intervene in his story that are impossible to resist - let's call them the "Christmas Spirits." On the eve of an important broadcast, Frank is visited by the ghost of his mentor, who died of a heart attack in complete loneliness. From that moment on, the protagonist not only has a chance to change but also to create a real fairy tale for others.

Edward Scissorhands (1990)

Another incredible story with a holiday spirit was created in the 1990s by the maestro Tim Burton. Yes, this was long before the Wednesday craze, but fans of the series will surely appreciate this film. Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder, and a multifaceted fairy tale unfolding on the screen literally draw the viewer into their whimsical world.

The story involves the big dream of an inventor who creates an artificial human - but ironically, fate interrupts his work with a heart attack. There is an unusual beauty and fragility in the story, forced to assert itself loudly due to a lack of trust - because Johnny Depp's character, after the sudden death of the creator, has no hands, replaced by large dangerous scissors. And, of course, there is room for a winter tale and true love that sees beyond appearances.

Curly Sue (1991)

Another touching story emerged in 1991 from the directorial talent of John Hughes. The backdrop is a snow-covered Chicago getting ready for the Christmas holidays. In such settings unfolds a sentimental sketch about two homeless people - Bill Dancer and the orphaned Sue, whom he takes care of.

This pair is not into Christmas treats and lavish gifts - they have to survive on the streets, earning money for shelter and food.

One day, the duo literally catches a lucky break - on that day, they stage Bill getting hit by a car driven by the beauty Grey Ellison. Fearing for Bill's life, she invites him and Sue to live in her luxurious mansion for as long as they need.

Four Rooms (1995)

A real treat for movie enthusiasts is the anthology film "Four Rooms." It consists of four independent segments, the events of which take place on New Year's Eve in the fictional Mon Signor hotel.

The somewhat eccentric bellboy Ted (played by the incredible Tim Roth) travels between the rooms. The bellboy not only gets acquainted with the "guests" of each story but also becomes the window through which the audience peeks.

And the residents, it must be said, are very colorful and worth peeking at. In one room, witches prepare a powerful ritual, in another, an eccentric character takes his ex-wife hostage, in the third, Antonio Banderas's children mischievously cause havoc, and in the fourth, Quentin Tarantino meets Ted.

While You Were Sleeping (1995)

For each of us, the Christmas miracle has its own form. Perhaps someone dreams that the person they love would finally understand and reciprocate? Somewhere within, the main character of this tender romantic story - Lucy, a quiet and shy girl portrayed by Sandra Bullock - nurtures a similar dream.

On the eve of Christmas, the girl's secret wish comes true, but in a somewhat strange way. The object of her affection suddenly ends up in the hospital and falls into a coma. And since kind-hearted Lucy constantly visits the guy, his family is convinced that the girl will soon become his wife.

Miracle on 34th Street (1994)

The remake of the popular Christmas movie was brought to life in 1994 by director Les Mayfield. The film's heroine, Susan, grows up without a father. The child no longer believes in Santa but secretly hopes that her most cherished dreams will come true.

Susan dreams of a father, a little brother, and a new cozy home. While making a Christmas wish list, she doesn't realize that she will literally meet a real Santa in a few days, who effortlessly works in one of the New York shopping centers. Since then, the girl's life changes - she is sure: her dreams will soon come true.

Borrowed Hearts (1997)

Another beautiful and heartwarming story worth watching during the magic Christmas season is Ted Kotcheff's film. Like the previous example, the central theme is a child. Seven-year-old Zoe, raised by her single mother, fervently believes that one day both a dad and a lovely cozy home will appear in their lives, perfect for celebrating Christmas.

On the eve of the winter holidays, the girls meet with a successful entrepreneur and bachelor, Sam, who, for a significant business deal, lacks...a family. So the new Christmas may become momentous not only for Sam's business but also for his heart.

Christmas Vacation (1989)

An incredibly funny and atmospheric comedy by the master of family stories, John Hughes. It tells the story of the eccentric and kind-hearted Clark Griswold, who is obsessed with the idea of organizing a real, canonical holiday for all members of his large family. Clark not only buys gifts, treats, and decorates the house with an incredible number of Christmas lights, but also becomes literally the ambassador of Christmas, which "should be celebrated properly."

However, the plot of the comedy is built on the fact that the hero's perfect holiday spectacularly collapses and that bizarre and funny situations keep happening one after another.

Santa Claus (1994)

What would you do if you found the real Santa Claus in your house? And what if, on the eve of the winter holidays, Santa Claus temporarily couldn't perform his magical duties? Would you help children all over the planet feel the Christmas spirit?

These were the dilemmas faced by the main character of another Christmas movie, Scott, who had recently gone through a divorce. While preparing his house for his son's holiday visit, he discovers Santa Claus on the roof – and suddenly it becomes clear: Scott is now creating Christmas not only in his own home. Can he handle it? All the answers are in the movie.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

The animated movie's story begins in the kingdom of Halloween, where all the dark holidays are celebrated, and preparations for the next one are underway. However, one of the local residents, Jack Skellington, starts to doubt whether he wants to continue these "horrible" traditions.

In search of change, the character accidentally finds himself in the Christmas town, where joy and kindness prevail instead of horror. Inspired by the Christmas spirit, Jack now has a mission – to return to his kingdom and become a real Santa Claus.

Die Hard 2 (1990)

In the '90s, action movies not only frequently became cult classics but also had an extra vibe that made them memorable. For example, the first three "Die Hard" movies with Bruce Willis are associated with Christmas.

In the second film, Los Angeles detective John McClane battles international terrorists in the Nakatomi skyscraper. Moreover, McClane must not only stop the criminals but also save his ex-wife Holly, who has become a hostage on one of the airplanes hijacked by terrorists. The action takes place on the eve of Christmas.

Jingle All the Way (1996)

A heartwarming family movie worth watching not just for the holiday mood but also to remember the importance of keeping promises. Howard Langston is constantly busy with work and forgets that his son is expecting a special Turbo Man action figure for Christmas.

When Langston finally remembers that he promised to fulfill his son's request, the popular Christmas toys disappear from the shelves. However, he decides to find "the one" gift, feeling that he won't have a second chance – he must rebuild his son's trust, save his marriage, and create a real Christmas.

Christmas in Connecticut (1992)

In 1992, a remake of the 1945 film of the same name was released, directed by Arnold Schwarzenegger. The story revolves around Elizabeth Blane, a top TV host of culinary shows. To boost the show's ratings, which are declining over time, the producer comes up with a brilliant solution by inviting Jefferson Jones, a forester who has recently become famous for his heroic deeds, to Elizabeth's house for Christmas dinner. However, Jones's arrival reveals an unexpected truth: the TV star is pretending to have a married life and doesn't know how to cook.

Home Alone (1990)

What would we do without the "Home Alone" movies, known to several generations of viewers. The first film about a boy accidentally left alone in a large house during the holidays, who skillfully outwits two inept burglars, was released in 1990.

Later, sequels were released, which can also be considered successful and atmospheric. However, we wrote about the first movie not only because it appeared and immediately captivated viewers worldwide but also because it features Kevin's "signature" ritual in front of the mirror, where he applies lotion after shaving like an adult and starts screaming (the scene is top-notch). And the movie never gets boring – proven by decades of watching.

Love Actually (2003)

Concluding our selection is a movie that technically hit the screens in 2003 but perfectly captures the atmosphere of our Christmas compilation. "Love Actually" immerses viewers in a web of seemingly unrelated romantic stories with the slogan "Love is always real."

However, later, on the eve of Christmas, all these stories unfold one by one, and we find out exactly who captured the heart of the retired rock singer, the single father trying to connect with his deceased wife's son, the glamorous beauty in glittering dresses, and even the Prime Minister of Great Britain.