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9 signs of true and mature love: Check your relationships

9 signs of true and mature love: Check your relationships What are the 9 signs indicating mature love (Photo:
Author: Daria Shekina

According to psychology experts, there are 9 clear signs of genuine and mature love. These signs help determine whether a couple is ready for productive relationships that bring joy and mutual understanding to each other.

Psychologist Daryna Stepanchuk reports on the nine signs of mature and genuine love.

Psychoanalyst Otto Kernberg, a world-renowned specialist and creator of modern personality psychoanalytic theory, shifted the focus of his research and authored the book "Love Relations: Normality And Pathology," in which he identifies 9 signs of mature love.

  1. Interest in the partner's life plan without destructive jealousy.
  2. Fundamental trust: mutual ability to be open and honest, even about one's flaws.
  3. Capacity for genuine forgiveness, distinct from masochistic submission or denial of aggression.
  4. Modesty and gratitude.
  5. Shared ideals as the foundation of a shared life.
  6. Mature dependency; the ability to accept help (without shame, fear, or guilt) and to provide assistance, with a fair distribution of tasks and duties—contrasting power struggles, accusations, and searches for the right and wrong, which lead to mutual disappointment.
  7. Sustained sexual passion, loving the other despite bodily changes and physical imperfections.
  8. Recognition of the inevitability of loss, jealousy, and the need to protect the couple's boundaries. Understanding that the other cannot love us exactly as we love them.
  9. Love and mourning: in case of death or separation from a partner, the ability to fully understand the place they held in our lives, leading to accepting new love without guilt.

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