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85/15 nutrition system: What it is and why it's effective

85/15 nutrition system: What it is and why it's effective What to eat according to the 85/15 system (Photo:

Sometimes diets can be too restrictive or challenging to find the right foods or ingredients, making it difficult for a person to stick to them consistently. In such cases, the 85/15 rule can help. That means excellent results can be achieved by following the diet only 85% of the time. Ukrainian dietitian Olha Bezugla shares a post on Instagram about this eating system.

What is the 85/15 system

The 85/15 system is an approach to nutrition that allows for a balance between healthy eating and enjoying food.

The main idea is to spend 85% of the time eating recommended foods and allow yourself 15% to indulge in favorite dishes, which may be less healthy.

Why does the 85% work

Because for most of us, when we replace many unhealthy foods with whole, nutritious, unprocessed foods, we already gain many benefits. This helps us feel full, and satisfied and significantly increases the nutritional value of our diet. Conversely, attempting to stick to a diet 100% of the time often leads to failure, self-doubt, and ultimately, abandoning the diet.

Therefore, it is considered that aiming for 85% compliance can work as the best long-term strategy.

Система харчування 85/15. Що це таке та чому вона ефективна

Stick to healthy eating 85% of the time (Photo:

Main principles of nutrition according to this system

85% of your diet should consist of healthy foods. Fruits and vegetables should be consumed with every meal.

Whole grains such as cereals, rice, pasta, and bread help keep you full for longer.

Protein is essential in your diet. This includes meat, fish, legumes, and nuts.

Healthy fats such as avocado, olive oil, nuts, and seeds support brain health.

Favorite treats that you enjoy, such as chocolate, ice cream, and fast food, should make up no more than 15% of your diet.

This approach allows you to include foods that bring pleasure without feeling guilty.

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