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8 ways to help organize space in bathroom

8 ways to help organize space in bathroom How to store things in the bathroom (photo: Freepik)

The bathroom, like the kitchen, is an important room in the house that is visited every day. It usually stores not only a large amount of shampoos, gels, and other care products but also laundry and cleaning supplies, as well as often a cosmetic bag and a first aid kit. Therefore, a lot of things can easily create clutter.

Real Simple provides methods to help maintain cleanliness in the bathroom and keep everything at hand.

Keep the most necessary items at hand

Keeping items that are used most often in a visible place is the best way to make using the bathroom easier, as you won't have to spend time searching.

For this purpose, it is recommended to allocate a separate shelf, approximately at eye level, or, if there is none, and all the drawers of the cabinets are filled, install one, for example, that attaches with Velcro.

Moreover, shelves with high sides will prevent items from falling to the floor if accidentally touched.

Allocate shelves for different items

If you have a cabinet, it is recommended to customize the shelves to your specific needs. This will make better use of the space and make its organization more efficient.

For example, choose higher shelves for lotions or hair products, and leave lower shelves for jars, creams, or medicines.

Since the upper shelves are the most accessible area, try to place most of the items used daily here.

Add a separate storage above the toilet

If there is a toilet in the bathroom, you can add narrow shelves or a shelf behind it to store toilet paper or cleaning supplies.

If you can't drill into the walls, consider freestanding shelving - besides being easy to move, the lightweight construction won't visually clutter the space.

Use containers inside cabinets

Firstly, containers allow you to store as many items as possible in the cabinet - as they can be stacked on top of each other.

Additionally, this is a great way to organize items by purpose - hair ties and pins, cotton pads and swabs, tubes of creams. Containers are also easy to pull out and see what's inside.

Use over-the-door baskets

While containers are great, sometimes it's hard to find one that fits perfectly in a drawer.

In addition to containers, it's recommended to use over-the-door baskets for bulky items - such as hairdryers, which are difficult to fold or fit in a drawer.

Use wall shelves for the bath area

The bath or shower area can quickly become cluttered, so it's important to carefully consider what you keep there. This area is recommended to be designated for items that are constantly used, such as favorite shampoos and gels.

For visual perception, clutter, and cleaning purposes, it's advised to keep a limited number of items on the shelves, and items that are used occasionally, such as hair care products, away from the shower.

Hang loofahs on hooks

While hooks may seem like a lot, they are never redundant. However, you can hang not only towels on them, but also loofahs or pumice stones, which are better kept dry.

Hooks with adhesive backs for the shower or bath will not only create better storage conditions for some items but also help free up space on shelves in the bathroom.

Use the back of doors

On wooden doors, you can install simple metal hooks to create enough space for hanging towels and robes - this is easier than drilling into the walls.

For hollow doors, a hook with a reliable adhesive base is a good fit.

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