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7 things guests immediately notice in your home

7 things guests immediately notice in your home Illustrative photo (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

Every house is a separate inner world. Guests who come into the house bring their own energy. Therefore, guests in the house always pay special attention to certain details, according to the Huffpost website.


Cleaning expert Becky Rapinchuk explained that the smell of your home greets guests as soon as they enter.

"We don’t always recognize the smell of our own homes so it’s important to open a window, turn on a diffuser or burn a candle if there’s a smell to cover up," she noted.

Also, if you have a pet in your home, make sure to regularly clean their litter boxes.


Good lighting helps create a cozy atmosphere in the house.

This can be as simple as adding a few more table lamps around your space or increasing the wattage of some light bulbs.

Proper lighting will help create a pleasant atmosphere.

Instead of relying solely on overhead lighting, try incorporating various sources of light if you're entertaining in the evening.


Guests usually notice how tidy your house is. Tidying up communal areas and wiping surfaces, such as coffee tables and kitchen counters, can create a more peaceful atmosphere.

Kitchen and bathroom

You don't need to clean every corner of your home to invite guests over. But basic cleaning of the kitchen and bathroom will make a good impression.

If you know your guests will be in the kitchen, take a couple of minutes to wipe everything down. In the bathroom, provide fresh towels and clean the toilet.

Indoor plants

Adding greenery to your home decor adds vibrant color and texture to the space, appreciated by guests. Additionally, indoor plants have a mood-boosting effect.

Empty walls

Adding art and photographs can work wonders for the space.

It's worth spending time and budget on hanging pictures around the house.


Temperature is one of the elements some hosts overlook. However, it's crucial for impressing your guests.

Make sure the temperature in your home is comfortable.