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7 dirtiest public spots with high microbe risk

7 dirtiest public spots with high microbe risk 7 dirtiest public spots with high microbe risk (RBC-Ukraine collage)

When you wash your hands in a public restroom, the last thing you want is to make them even dirtier. It's important to know about the dirtiest places in public places where you should be cautious, according to WebMD.


After using touchscreens on ATMs or at fast-food, don't forget to wipe your hands. These places, touched by hundreds of people, are filled with some numerous types of microbes. Fecal bacteria and staphylococcus can be found on the screens, which can lead to infections and blood contamination. Therefore, it's best to stand in line and place your orders at the cashier.

Hand dryers

Experts say that if the hand dryer in a restroom is too close to the toilet, then after every flush, droplets filled with thousands of bacteria are released into the air and settle on the hand dryer. This means that microbes can spread onto freshly washed hands through the airflow. However, manufacturers often claim that hand dryers are equipped with special filters that can protect against microbes. Nevertheless, it's safest to use regular paper towels.


If there's an opportunity to clean the equipment at the gym before using it, it's better to do that. Elliptical trainers and weights are usually the dirtiest items because they are touched by sweaty hands that may carry microbes and dirt.

Restaurant menus

Experts say that the menu of a restaurant contains 100 times more microbes than a toilet seat. In the best case, menus are wiped once a day, even though they are touched by hundreds of customers. Therefore, it's a good idea to first order your food and then go to the restroom to wash your hands.

Shopping carts

The handle of a shopping cart can be home to 11 million microorganisms. So, it's good to wipe the handle with a wet cloth before starting your shopping.

Elevator buttons

Be cautious with elevator buttons because many people use them daily. Use your elbow, take the stairs, or have a hand sanitizer.

Hotel rooms

The TV remote is the dirtiest item in the hotel room. Quickly wipe it before channel surfing.

Other sources of microbes include light switches, bedspreads, hairdryers, phones, and unwrapped glasses.

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