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7 dirtiest places in office: Be cautious

7 dirtiest places in office: Be cautious 7 dirtiest places in office (Freepik)

Usually, quite a lot of people work in the office. There are meetings, lunches, and visits to your colleagues' desks throughout your day. So, certain areas are considered the dirtiest, and it's important to be cautious, according to Huffpost.

Work desk

You might think that common tables, for example, in meeting rooms, are dirty since others touch them, but your desk also collects microbes.

Even if the desk is personal, there's a chance others might touch it and spread microbes.

Your desk can also be exposed to airborne droplet microbes, which you may encounter and get infected with.

So, it's necessary to occasionally wipe your desk with disinfectant spray.


From Monday to Friday, you type on the keyboard without even thinking about how many microbes are on its surface.

“Over 3,000 organisms can be found per square inch on a keyboard,” said Dr. Ron Brown, a 20-year emergency medical physician.

So next time you clean your desk, don't forget about the keyboard.

Door handles

You grab door handles to enter or exit a room. Now think about all the other people doing the same thing all day.

Door handles are undoubtedly the dirtiest place in the office due to the huge number of hands touching them every day.

Make sure to wash your hands with soap or use hand sanitizer after arriving at your work.

Also, disinfect your hands when approaching your car, as the door handle at the main exit is also quite dirty.

Microwave or fridge

The lunch area sees a lot of traffic, with colleagues coming and going throughout the day. Think about all the people who come to take something from the fridge or heat something in the microwave.

If you have doubts about how thoroughly your office is cleaned, you can wipe these areas. Also, it's better to wash your hands immediately after getting food from the microwave.

Elevator buttons

Elevators are often found in offices, hotels, and apartment buildings, where hundreds of people touch the same elevator buttons every day. If they're not regularly cleaned, they can easily become breeding grounds for bacteria and diseases.

You can try touching elevator buttons with something other than your hands.

Vending machines

These machines are among the dirtiest places in offices because they have high traffic and are rarely cleaned.

Wash your hands after touching vending machine buttons and doors, and definitely before eating the product you just got from it.


Smartphones can be quite dirty because you place the phone next to you on the table and check it every time you hear a ring.

You also take it with you to the bathroom and during lunch.

Disinfect it frequently, especially before touching it during meals.

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