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7 common dependencies blocking your personal growth

7 common dependencies blocking your personal growth What dependencies block personal growth (photo: Freepik)

It is quite common that various and very banal dependencies hinder us from moving forward and achieving our goals. To take a step forward, it is worth understanding what exactly is holding us back, according to the psychological portal Genius.Space.

Comparing oneself to others

This leads to achieving not your own goals that do not bring happiness, as well as dissatisfaction with life, impostor syndrome, feelings of insecurity and inadequacy.

Advice. Add a simple gratitude practice to your routine. Remember all (even small) victories of the day and praise yourself.

Giving up easily

A reliable way to guarantee failure is to give up. To outpace most people, often simple patience is enough. Luck favors persistence and discipline.

Advice. Make a promise to a friend: if you give up, you'll give them $100 or something valuable to you. This will motivate you to keep your promise.


The longer you postpone your goals, the further you distance yourself from them.

Advice. The 5-minute rule: if you feel like procrastinating, just work on it for 5 minutes. The hardest part of the task is overcoming your laziness at the beginning.

7 common dependencies blocking your personal growthWhat dependencies block personal growth (photo: Freepik)

Comfort zone

The comfort zone is a place where dreams die. You don't need to jump off a cliff but don't be afraid to step a little closer to the edge. It will open up a wider horizon for you.

Advice. Be in your comfort zone 85% of the time, but step out of it for 15%. This is your growth platform.

Phone dependency

Phone dependency is dangerous, it's very harmful to health, eyes, and the nervous system, as constant monitoring increases anxiety.

Advice. Give your phone a rest for 1 hour before bedtime. Don't reach for it for an hour after waking up. This is life changing and you'll accomplish more.

Waiting for perfect conditions to start something

There's definitely someone in the world more qualified than you who dares to live as you don't. Simply because they take action.

Advice. Use Jeff Bezos' 70% rule: act when you have 70% of the necessary information to start.


Complaints often seem harmless. But over time, they teach your brain to find negatives in everything.

Advice. Wear a rubber bracelet on your wrist for a week. Every time you complain, stretch and release it. The urge to complain will quickly fade.

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