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7 cheap hobbies to start new 2024 year with and make money

7 cheap hobbies to start new 2024 year with and make money Cheap hobbies to start new 2024 year with and make money (

New Year holidays are not only time for rest and peace, but also a good opportunity to start a new hobby you don't have to spend much money on. Besides, some hobbies could bring not only joy but also additional income, according to the New York Post.


If you are not a fan of reading, plenty of free time could change that easily. Set monthly reading goals for a mix of non-fiction and fiction books. Save money by borrowing books from the library or ordering e-books for your device.

Start your blog

Reading can potentially inspire your own writing. If you have a passion, start a blog as a creative outlet. There are plenty of tools online to make your own website. Ongoing blogging could evolve into a side job, offering potential additional income.

Knitting, crocheting, or blanket tying

Learn the basics of knitting or crocheting as a relaxing and productive hobby. Create accessories and clothing for personal use, gifting, or selling. You can also explore blanket tying as an easy way to craft homemade products with no needles.


    Start your journey into photography with a simple phone or an inexpensive camera. Share your work on platforms like Instagram, Flickr, Behance, 500PX, and Pixpa. You can earn money every time someone downloads your photo, or get an ad to offer photography services to others.


    Enjoy the benefits of a backyard garden with fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Even a small space can be used for growing herbs. If you have overproduced, consider selling it for extra cash and save on grocery expenses.

      Launch a YouTube channel

      Express yourself and explore your creativity by starting a YouTube channel. You don't need expensive equipment to begin; a smartphone will be ok for the start. Choose a niche, create videos, and potentially earn money as your channel grows.

        DIY candles

        Save money by making candles, and customizing them to match your home's ambiance. Basic candle making involves wax, wicks, fragrance, and a container; personalized with color and molds. Homemade candles make great gifts and can be sold easily.

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