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6 Signs you're being taken for granted in your relationship

6 Signs you're being taken for granted in your relationship How to understand that your partner does not appreciate you (photo: Freepik)

It often happens that romantic relationships actually have very little real romance. It can frequently occur that a partner stops appreciating and even loving you.

This information is reported by RBC-Ukraine, citing Instagram insights from Ukrainian psychologist Iryna Kulik.

Lack of interest display

A partner shows no interest in your life: The absence of questions about your thoughts, feelings, events, or successes indicates neglect towards you.

Ignoring your opinion

A partner often makes decisions without consulting you or disregards your opinion altogether. This is a significant sign that you are not valued.

Lack of support in crucial moments

A psychologist emphasizes that if you are not supported during stressful situations or important decisions, it is a crucial signal. It is important to pay attention to this.

A man who truly loves you doesn't even need to be asked for help; he will offer it himself as soon as you mention any issue.

Constant criticism without constructiveness

Instead of support and constructive criticism, a partner consistently emphasizes your shortcomings without attempting to improve the situation.

Lack of time for you

The partner invests minimal time and effort in interacting with you or prioritizes other matters.

If your man limits himself to brief messages, it is a sign that the relationship may not progress to a new level.

Partner gets irritated because of you

A man who gets irritated by what you say, how you stand, or even how you laugh will never truly love you. Your mere presence in his life may be annoying to him. In this case, it is better to end the relationship, as the partner may simply be incapable of loving you.

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