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6 rules for growing long hair: Insights from a trichologist

6 rules for growing long hair: Insights from a trichologist Illustrative photo (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

Every woman has dreamt of letting her hair grow long at least once in her life, but she also wants it to be healthy. It's essential to work on this and know certain rules.

RBC-Ukraine shares exclusive insights from trichologist Yulia Sedletska on the rules to follow for growing long, healthy hair.

How genetics and proper care affect hair growth and condition

According to Yulia, genetics directly influence the number of hair follicles, color, shape, and growth phase of the hair.

It's essential to know that with each new hair life cycle, its growth phase becomes shorter than the previous one. However, through proper care and lifestyle, it's possible to maintain this process and have healthy density. Proper care can indeed help achieve length. The trichologist states that this has already been proven.

"Proper trichological care for the scalp and hair shaft yields powerful results. Many people visit a trichologist only when they have a problem, but I recommend undergoing trichoscopic examination once a year, getting tests done, and receiving professional product selection for home care. Essential products include exfoliants, nourishing lotions for the scalp (or specific ones if there are skin conditions), shampoo based on the skin type, mask plus conditioner for hair length, leave-in therapeutic lotions, and serums for the hair shaft," notes Yulia.

What long hair requires

According to the trichologist, hair always craves moisture, hence our emphasis on this aspect. In home care, use lipidic low-molecular-weight masks once a week, sealing them with balms with a slightly acidic pH. Use these same balms after each wash.

"Long hair is easily mechanically damaged, so the comb should have very flexible teeth. Use only professional hair dryers at home (choose a high air-power mode and medium temperature mode). Always apply leave-in care not only to the ends but throughout the length below the ear line," advises the specialist.

6 rules for growing long hair: Insights from a trichologistHow to grow long hair (photo: Freepik)

The trichologist listed 5 rules to help grow long hair:

Always tie your hair in a loose bun or braid during sleep. This rule should also be followed during physical activities.

Use only professional combs and hair dryers.

Don't skimp on shampoo. Remember that it's the product that comes into contact with the skin and its microbiome. Healthy skin means healthy hair.

Minimize exposure to high temperatures; it's better to let your hair dry naturally.

Don't keep your bath towel on your head for too long. It's heavy, and its weight stretches and damages wet hair. It's better to purchase a terrycloth turban - it's very lightweight, so there won't be any damage.

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